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Kara Pixie began her art career in high school with weekend drawing and painting classes at the Queens Art Council directed by Cooper Union Professors. She attended Seton Hall University and graduated with a B.A. in Biological Anthropology and Fine Arts.

Her background includes experience in the non-profit sector. She is an active member of her community, involved in the local church and volunteer work for her alma mater.

She is an activist for lyme disease and children with learning differences. She explores creative ways to match art, fashion and philanthropy by participating in local community events.

In her free time, Kara can be found exploring local art exhibits or painting alongside her bare-eyed cockatoo, Buddy.

Follow her adventures at @karapixieart on Instagram.

Artist Statement

My work reflects the journey of a pre-med student gone biological anthropology major gone corporate America, all while fighting chronic neurological lyme disease.

I’ve spent countless hours at home, accompanied only by my bareyed cockatoo, Buddy. He quickly became my muse, providing me with a distraction and hope on days the darkness threatened to swallow me whole.

I found refuge in art and now dedicate my time to pulling back the curtain and inviting others to step inside the darkness with me. To bear witness to the haunted discoveries of living with a chronic illness. And to meet me in the celebratory moments scattered throughout, of the pure joy of a good day can’t be contained, but must find its way to the canvas.

Art motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. It’s how I extract an image, an idea, a feeling, and bring it to life on the canvas. It’s how I discover moments of light and joy, making this fight worth fighting and it's how I wish to dedicate the rest of my life.


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